How to Get Rid of Teeth Staining

It’s no surprise that everyone wants white teeth. We not only associate whiter teeth with attractiveness, but also with better oral health and hygiene. After all, brown staining on teeth can be a bit of a turn off.

But believe it or not, even though the oral health care market is worth £1.23 billion, teeth whitening didn’t become popular until the late 1980s!

As a dental hygienist in London, I should be pleased that more and more people are taking care of their oral health, but I often worry about those that are obsessed with the look of their teeth strictly for vanity purposes. This is particularly concerning when I read horror stories about men and women getting their teeth whitened by non-dental professionals, and then having to deal with the consequences.

In 2017 the Oral Health Foundation reported an increase in people getting their teeth whitened in the UK’s illegal tooth whitening industry. Thousands admitted to putting themselves at risk by having the procedure carried out by illegal, untrained and dangerous providers!

One of things we must remember is that brown staining on teeth is completely normal, and occurs in everybody for a variety of reasons, such as from eating various foods and drinks, or by habits such as smoking and inadequate brushing.