London Hygienist is currently offering the following promotions at both clinics:


Check-up, cleaning, and Philips home whitening: £500
(a cost savings of £100) 


Upgrade to Zoom In-Chair Whitening with take-home trays and gels for £750 (a cost savings of £150)

Please call each practice directly to book an appointment.

Terms & Conditions:

Subject to suitability.


Patients must attend a one-hour check-up and cleaning at the cost of £150 (non-refundable) to assess suitability or if other treatments are required. If suitable for whitening, patient would be scanned for whitening trays on the day of the appointment. A follow-up visit is required two weeks later for 15 minutes if doing home whitening, or for 90 minutes if doing Zoom In-Chair whitening.