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AirFlow teeth cleaning is one of the newer teeth cleaning technologies on the market and it is often used to help remove stains. AirFlow is a powerful combination of water, air and fine powder that removes biofilm, surface stains and early calculus quickly and gently. The results are usually instant, leaving teeth smooth, bright and clean. It takes less than a few minutes at the end of a routine hygiene appointment and is used instead of conventional polish, which can be abrasive and scratch enamel.

Video credit: Digimax Dental

Staining is essentially the discolouration of teeth and is extremely common among adults. While teeth naturally vary in shade due to the thickness of enamel covering the dentine, surface staining is generally caused by one or several factors, including red wine, tea, coffee, various foods and smoking.

Many dental patients assume that whitening is the only solution to combat staining, however one of the most effective ways to improve teeth colour is simply by visiting the dental hygienist and having a routine cleaning appointment to remove the stains.


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