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London Hygienist is a registered dental therapist and is qualified to handle much of the routine dental work you would expect from a dentist. London Hygienist can carry out the following dental services for both children and adults:

  • Intra and extra oral assessment, also known as a dental health assessment or dental exam, including oral cancer screening and referrals

  • Teeth cleaning and treatment of gum disease

  • Restorations (fillings) in both primary (baby) teeth and permanent teeth on adults and children

  • Place temporary dressings and re-cement crowns with temporary cement

  • Apply materials to teeth such as fluoride varnish and fissure sealants

  • Take dental radiographs, also referred to as x-rays

  • Take dental impressions for sport guards and whitening trays

  • Give local anaesthetic to provide pain-free treatments

  • Place pre-formed crowns on primary (baby) teeth

  • Extract (remove) primary (baby) teeth under local anaesthetic

  • Dental therapists can also develop additional skills including:

  • Treating patients who have high-treatment needs

  • Carrying out tooth whitening (under prescription of a dentist)

  • Administering inhalational sedation

  • Removing sutures after a dentist has checked the wound

A dental therapist may treat a wide range of patients who have high treatment needs, such as those who:

  • are dentally anxious

  • are medically compromised

  • are physically disabled

  • have learning disabilities

  • have high levels of untreated decay

  • are unable to access regular dental care


New Patient Comprehensive Examination
From £150

Includes the following checks: oral cancer, teeth and gums, all necessary x-rays, bite and jaw joint and 3D Intra-oral scan,
clinical photographs, and full written treatment plan. Guided Biofilm Therapy not included.

Routine/Returning Patient Examination
From £80
Can be added to Guided Biofilm Therapy appointment.

Small X-Ray

£20 per x-ray

Tooth Coloured Fillings
From £245

Sports Mouthguard

From £350

Composite Bonding

From £250 per tooth edge bonding

Composite Veneer

From £350

Fissure Sealants

From £90 per tooth

I wish I had met Anna years ago! Amazing clean and  great service and advice - I will be going back to her for many more years to come!

Anna is absolutely amazing at what she does - she's quite clearly passionate about her work and really makes sure you leave happy. Keep up the great work Anna :)

Definitely worth 5 stars, London Hygienist is incredible. Lives up to the reviews and the name she has built for herself. I highly recommend her and her work.

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