5 Signs of an Ageing Smile

The ageing process is something that most men and women want to slow down. A healthy white smile portrays happiness, well-being and youthfulness. Additionally, people who smile more are perceived as being younger.

With your smile being one of the first things that people notice when meeting you, it’s important to care for your lips, teeth and gums to ensure a good first impression. Here are 5 signs of an ageing smile along with tips for treatment and prevention.

1. Yellow teeth. Teeth discolour naturally over time due to age, lifestyle habits, red wine, coffee, tea and cigarettes.

How to treat yellow teeth: The two main ways to treat yellow teeth and improve their colour is to get either as professional teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist or professional teeth whitening. With whitening, you can use either at-home whitening trays or in-surgery professional whitening through Philips Zoom! or Enlighten. Both are effective, safe and get long lasting results. It’s important to know that trained and registered dental professionals are the only ones who can legally provide teeth whitening services. Take care with so-called whitening toothpastes as they contain no active whitening ingredients. They usually contain abrasive particles that aim to remove surface stains, but with prolonged use can scratch and damage enamel, making it appear more yellow and su