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How to Floss Properly

Did you know that your toothbrush actually only cleans about 60% of your teeth? Gross, right?!

Toothbrushes are not capable of reaching in between the teeth to remove unwanted debris, which is why flossing is crucial.

Interdental cleaning with floss or brushes helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, which can occur when food and plaque are left lodged between teeth.

If you have the space between your teeth, you should opt for interdental brushes and always use the biggest size possible (you may need more than one brush size). If your teeth are tight together, then dental floss is recommended. Do this once a day, preferably at night and in front of the mirror.

How to floss properly:

  • Take a piece of floss that runs the same length from your elbow to the tip of your index finger. Wind the floss around your middle fingers leaving an inch or two to work with.

  • Hold the floss tight between your thumbs and index fingers. Using a gentle sawing action, slide the floss between the teeth.

  • Go all the way below the gum line and gently curve the floss in a tight ‘C’ shape and rub up and down. Repeat this for the other side of the tooth before coming back up and out to move on to the next space.

  • Use a clean section of floss as you move between teeth.

  • If you get the floss in but cannot get it back out – do not panic. Just gently unravel from fingers and pull the floss through.

  • Do your interdental cleaning before you brush your teeth to remove debris and make this a daily practice.

How to use interdental brushes:

  • Choose the right size.

  • Insert between the teeth gently and move the brush back and forth a few times.

  • Change the size and curve of the brush if needed. I find it easier to keep it straight for the front teeth but angle/bend for the back teeth.

  • Change the brush when filaments have become worn – usually every 4-7 days.

Regular hygiene appointments are an important part of a healthy oral care routine. London Hygienist can help you learn how to properly floss your teeth. Book an appointment today.


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