How Stress Affects Your Oral Health

Stress is a common part of life, and most of us know the implications it can have on our mental and physical health. Trouble sleeping, feeling trapped or looking at the world in a more negative way are all repercussions of stress in our life. But did you know that stress can also impact oral health in a negative way?

Here are six oral health conditions commonly caused by stress and how to treat each of them.

1. Gum Disease

Your body produces immune cells to protect against bacteria, but when the body is under stress, this delicate balance is thrown Not producing enough immune cells to protect against bacteria can play a significant role in the development of gum (periodontal) disease. Furthermore, the severity of gum disease can actually increase based on the amount of stress you are experiencing.

Healthy gums will look firm and pink, although they may contain other pigments depending on your ethnic origin. Any change in its natural colour is a sign of poor health.

Sore, tender, bleeding gums are also a sign of gum disease. These symptoms generally indicate gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum disease. This stage is reversible, but if proper oral care is not taken, it will advance to severe stages of gum disease known as periodontitis, which can cause recession and bone/tooth loss.

How to treat gum disease: Brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush along the gum line and clean in between the teeth with