How to Care For Your Baby's Teeth

Teeth serve essential functions. They contribute to the digestive process by crushing and breaking down food. They are fundamental in helping a person speak and pronounce words. They’re also great for contributing to a healthy and beautiful smile. From a very young age, it is imperative that teeth are looked after carefully to ensure their longevity.

Oral hygiene for babies is crucial. If teeth are not cared for adequately at a young age, it can lead to tooth decay and premature extraction of baby teeth. Rotting baby teeth can lead to infections and diseases, which can also affect permanent adult teeth.

According to The Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons, almost a third of five-year-olds are suffering from tooth decay, and it is the most common reason why five- to nine-year-olds are admitted to hospital. In some cases, children as young as two are admitted for multiple tooth extractions under general anaesthetic, despite tooth decay being almost entirely preventable.

Based on these horrifying statistics, it’s clear that there is a lack of information amongst parents on how to properly care for their baby's teeth.

Instilling Habits at an Early Age

Early Months