Last year I was fortunate enough to be filmed by Philips as part of their #ShineOn campaign, which celebrates the work of hygienists and therapists and shares our stories.

I'm often asked lots of questions about my brand, such as how and why I created it, what challenges I've faced, and what my advice is to other hygienists and therapists. Well, as part of #ShineOn, I want to share my story with the hopes of answering all your questions.

Here is my story:

Finding my feet after I qualified in 2015 was tricky. I did a fair bit of practice-hopping and struggled to settle in to just one clinic. I became tired and unhappy very quickly – to the point where I almost decided to throw in the towel.

After I left university, I started calling myself ‘London Hygienist’ for fun, but never thought it would amount to anything, especially not a brand.

But now there's a wave of young people thinking outside of the box and striving to create their own paths, especially when it comes to business. The thought of being the boss and only employee sounded amazing to me, and being self-employed has always forced me to keep motivated and stay focused. It's almost like when you're forced to make a living out of survival, you always seem to surprise yourself with how much potential you have.