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Do newbie e-boarders often make basic mistakes?

To respond to this topic, as you may be aware, electric skateboards are not inexpensive. For a reason, making the mistake of buying an esk8 can be very costly. Electric skateboarding is simple to learn; all you have to do is get on the skateboard and go. Because of the ease with which many individuals ride, they are often subjective and make mistakes.

In this blog, I'll discuss some of the common riding mistakes I see rookies make. Take a look at eSkateBuddy about some mistakes that beginners have often made; there are a number of excellent articles regarding electric skateboards that you will surely want to read.

NOT Reading Return Policy and Warranty

Electric skateboards are usually covered by a 6- to 12-month warranty. A lengthier warranty, in my opinion, shows that the manufacturer is confident in its products.

Some firms that sell electric skateboards offer extensive return policies. Repairs, components, and even product replacement are handled without a hitch by such businesses.

When it comes to warranties, the Koowheel DM3 Electric Longboard has a two-year warranty. Therefore, only buy from companies that truly care about their consumers. Inquire among the e-skate community on Reddit or elsewhere.

Purchasing an E-Skateboard with Defective Wheels

An e-board is heavier than a standard skateboard, which implies more pressure on the tires. Furthermore, an esk8 sends tremendous motor-powered pressures at the wheels, which do nothing to help them.

You need long-lasting wheels, and urethane wheels are among the most durable on the market today.

So, reading reputable user evaluations is the only method to acquire a gadget with buttery-smooth wheels. It's also the only method to prevent getting e-skates with tires that shatter as soon as you walk on them. This article is in reference to eSkateBuddy on Gab

Taking the Wrong Approach

Allow your feet to be perpendicular to the skateboard's position while keeping your body straight. Your shoulders should be in line with your feet, your back should be upright, and you should be looking straight ahead.

Shift your weight from right to left and back and forth on the skateboard to find the most comfortable posture and familiarize yourself with your weight distribution. Acceleration and braking are compensated for by shifting forward and backward while turning is done by turning side to side.

Carved Jerky

Riders that do not maintain a steady pace throughout a carve make it considerably more difficult to stay upright. Choose a suitable pace, stick to it, and keep your body in a stable position during the carve.

Know the Trigger Resets

These settings may become false if you crash, drop, or simply bang your remote about too much. To return your remote to factory settings, you'll need to perform a trigger reset. Check out the instructions at eSkateBuddy on

Here are some basic facts to be aware of:

  • When you initially obtain it, charge it to 100%.

  • Don't keep your board plugged in all the time.

  • Do not leave it in a car that is too hot or cold.

  • If you're going to leave it for an extended amount of time without riding, keep it at 30 to 50 percent.

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